Municipal Ombudsman: international experience and its reception in Russia

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Author: Sergey Kabyshev

DOI: 10.21128/1812-7126-2016-5-72-82

Keywords: foreign legal experience; legal experiment; municipal legal regime; municipal services; municipalities; ombudsman; reception


One of the modern tendencies in functioning of the special officers in charge for the protection of the rights of man and of the citizen (ombudsman) in many countries is further extension of their functions and specialization. This article discusses the features of functioning of the institute of municipal ombudsmen in the United States, Canada, Holland and other countries. The relevance of this institution is testimony to the insufficiency of other forms of control over the local administration. Worldwide legal experience in this field is analyzed to identify positive and negative factors in its reception in the Russian context. The author comes to the conclusion that the introduction of the institute of the municipal Ombudsman into the Russian legal system may be useful, effective and valuable. The author proposes an experimental adaption of this legal institute in the Russian sociopolitical environment – with subsequent thorough analysis of its results. This will allow at the municipal level to install special ethical relationships and produce the air of trust between the local authorities and citizens. This, in turn, will lead to real improvements of efficiency and quality of municipal services. Institutionalization of municipal ombudsmen activities is necessary for raising the standards of respecting of the human and civil rights and freedoms. These standards are as fair as reliable indicators of the effectiveness of the whole state system of protection of human rights. The article formulates basic functions of the Commissioner for protection of the rights of local self-government that should be formulated in the model rules.

About the author: Sergey Kabyshev – Professor, Kutafin Moscow State Law University.

Citation: Kabyshev S. (2016) Munitsipal'nyy ombudsman: zarubezhnyy opyt i ego retseptsiya v Rossii [Municipal Ombudsman: international experience and its reception in Russia]. Sravnitel'noe konstitutsionnoe obozrenie; no. 5, pp.72–82. (In Russian).


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